Who We Are

Our Story in God's Ministry

Greenhouse Publishing was founded in 2023 by members of Gospel City Network (GCN) who are passionate about nurturing Gospel growth through books and online resources. Greenhouse Publishing is dedicated to advancing God’s mission in Malaysia and beyond - contributing to church planting work, increasing the accessibility to Christian resources, offering training, local publishing, and ultimately living out the Gospel in different contexts.

For Malaysians by Malaysians, Greenhouse Publishing is dedicated to accessibility and affordability, significantly lowering the price of Christian books while also providing free digital books and resources. Greenhouse Publishing aims to foster connectivity by partnering with bookstores, churches, and other ministries to create an encouraging and learned environment. Through the grace of God, Greenhouse Publishing aims to point its audience’s hearts and minds back to Christ, communing with Him with every step made. Finally, Greenhouse Publishing aims for its consumers to flourish in their faith and pour into local communities.


    English and Mandarin resources at affordable prices


    with Gospel learners locally and around the world


    with God as we turn our hearts and gaze back to Christ


    in the Gospel in our hearts, churches, and communities

Today, we at Greenhouse Publishing, in partnership with global partners and local churches, are continuing to build on this heritage to see Malaysia and its surrounding regions of Southeast Asia and Central Asia catalysed for Gospel Movement through affordable Gospel Resources in English and Mandarin for the strengthening and planting of healthy and multiplying churches.